Titelpicture IBONS: Good things with Ginger

IBONS Original –  the only genuine chewy candy made with ginger.

• In six fantastic varieties

• With an extra portion of fresh ginger

• Made according to a traditional recipe

• With a small number of entirely natural ingredients

• For a unique, soft, rich taste of ginger

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IBONS® Classic

Ginger Classic Red ginger makes you feel good! Soft, tender and spicy sweet. The aroma of fresh ginger mixed with the sweet taste of natural cane sugar makes for a very special taste sensation. What is special about IBONS® Classic is that the fresh, succulent ginger... read more

IBONS® Peanut

Ginger Peanut Marvelously mild Caramelized peanut flavor combined with the natural fresh taste of ginger root make IBONS® Peanut into a special kind of sensation for the palate. At first deliciously sweet, followed by a hint of a spicy tang, yet IBONS® Peanut are... read more
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IBONS® Peppermint

Ginger Peppermint Refreshing clean taste to prevent bad breath IIBONS® Peppermint combine the oil of the most popular medicinal plant and parts of the ginger root. The refreshing clean flavor of peppermint and the fine spicy tang of ginger create a special taste... read more

IBONS® Mango

Ginger Mango Fruity, Fiery, Fine IBONS® Mango give you a fruity kind of surprise. The flavor of ripe mango makes for a slightly exotic taste on your tongue and harmonizes ideally with the spicy tang of our ginger. A fruity, spicy surprise for any palate, and one you... read more
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IBONS® Orange

Ginger Orange Ginger flavored with sun-ripened oranges Makes you feel like you’re on vacation Ginger meets orange – sweet and juicy with a pleasant spicy tang. Our IBONS® Orange call up memories of your last summer vacation. Our tip: Steep 2-3 candies in hot water for... read more

IBONS® Lemon

Ginger Lemon Sweet-sour citrus flavor combined with fresh ginger Natural spice flavor coupled with an effervescent lemon aroma. The sour note of the lemon harmonized perfectly with the spicy tang of our ginger. The fresh lemon taste of IBONS® Lemon invigorates all... read more
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IBONS® Ginger Drops – concentrated ginger, long-lasting and easy to measure out.

IBONS® Ingwer Tropfen mit Vitamin C

IBONS® Ginger Drops

Ginger Drops Enjoy our original ginger candies Not only on trips, but on every day! IBONS® Ginger Drops – good things with ginger Concentrated ginger, long-lasting and easy to measure out. What makes them so special:They have a fresh lemon taste with a slight spicy... read more
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IBONS® Ingwer Drink mit Zitrone

IBONS® Ginger Drink

Ginger Drink Ginger Drink with the fresh taste of lemon The new IBONS® Ginger Drink enchants with its sweet lemon flavor sharpened with a slight note of ginger. Pleasant and tasty to drink, it adds a fiery note that can almost be addictive! IBONS® Ginger Drink – fresh... read more

Enjoy our original ginger candies
Not only on trips, but on every day!

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